Sunday, March 3, 2013

For my project I chose to do prompt number one. While I thought the presentation was educational and smooth, it needed a bit more life. After reading Wesch it is clear that students today learn through media and visuals. Wesch urges teachers to give more life to education so students can benefit from their learning. By making a power point hopefully this will bring more pizzaz to Dr. Millers already awesome lesson. I am also curious to learn more about the teenagers of past and see what they went through and how they came to be named reckless or a danger to society. This being a sterotype that teenagers today still cant seem to shake. Raby spoke about discourse and how it effects the way teenagers are portrayed. There are discourses out there today that apply to teenagers who are now adults. By showing picture evidence of teenagers from the 50's then maybe some of those discourses can ab abolished. After all teenagers are not some alien life form. Parents tend to forget that as they try to raise a teenager, that they themselves were once that young. Each generation afraid of what the next will do or become. By looking back where it all began, it could be neat to see what has and has not changed.