Tuesday, April 9, 2013

This movie/reading reminded me of other course texts that we have talked about. The first is Christensen and how she spoke of the Disney princesses. This idea that we are going to need prince charming to get through life.
In the movie Brave, the girl does not allow herself to be a victim of this cycle. She fights against the norm and makes her own path. This theme is not common in Disney movies as Orsenstein reminds us. She talks about how yonug girls get wrapped up in princess culture and how big companies make a fortune off of little girls wanting happily ever after. Christensen took the time to anaylze these flaws in movies to point out how corrupt they can be to kids. Orsentein gives a similar approach by discussing how this culture came to be. These text also relate to SCWAAMP. This idea that the princess is always white as is the prince. That wealth will help us achieve happily ever after, so we should marry a doctor. All of the characters in these films are abled bodied. So much of these films feed into what SCWAAMP is all about. God forbid they make a movie about a girl who isn't white and does not marry a prince. These ideas of grandure are unrealistic and set little girls up for heartbreak. It is ok to let little girls see these movies, but having a discussion about how life actually goes would spare them the myth of happily ever after.

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