Wednesday, April 24, 2013

For the last post I have yet to do GLEE and  a reflection post so i will do them now.
The personal connection that I felt to GLEE was when my brother got trash thrown at him while sitting outside. He was hanging with friends and a group of high school football boys came by and threw trash at him and called him a fag. I was enraged when i heard this. Much like Kurts dad, my mom took immediate action and called the school. My sister who is also in school with my brother had the football captian stick up for paul in the locker room. It was sad that my brother was bullied but atleast he had allies. The young man who threw the trash apperantly struggles with his own issues of fitting in much like Karosfy.
Paul came out about two years ago and went through some of the discourses Raby describes. He began his at risk period when he fell into the wrong crowd. After some guidance and love he began hanging with a better crowd and feeling more comfortable with himself. When this bullying occured I called him and asked if he was ok. He told me he felt sorry for the bully because atleast he (my brother) was happy with himself. Photo: Happy belated national sibling day to the best


  1. Wow this is a powerful post Brooke. I can't imagine how tough it was for your brother to go through the bullying. But the amazing part is that he overcame it. He felt sorry for the bully for not accepting who he personally was. Wow i love that story and I'm honestly happy for your brother for being the BIGGER person.

  2. Hi Brooke

    I am glad that your brother had allies and he was able to overcome the bullying problem.