Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Its funny that this is a whole lesson because this is the topic we chose to do for our final project. The whole project is about teens resisting using the spoken word. Teens resist in other ways to such as videos, blogs, social media etc... The movie Thirteen always makes me think of teens resisting because that is what the whole movie is about.

Teens like to stand up for themselves depending on the crowd. If a teen feels that they can not talk back at home they may do it to friends or other outside the home to instill in themselves a sense of confidence. After reviewing my sisters tumblr it is very clear that she loves lace and frilly things, this known by the amoung of pictures of that stuff that is on her page. When she goes out though she is in my old hamy downs because she doesnt have the money to buy the things she reposts.
Another example is music  teens love to listen to music wether it is on their video game or on the radio. The lyrics and beat allow them to feel something. Myspace pages have an option to put a music video on your page that expresses you.
Teens like any other classification of humans want to be heard and respected. I find it interesting how we teach kids to respect people when they are rarely respected. Parents and adults laugh off their mood swings and shrug at their outfit changes instead of reconizing that their teens just want to be respected.


  1. I think you came up with good examples that most teenagers can relate to. Things like music and myspace pages are definitely used by most teenagers as a way to express themselves.

  2. Great Post!I really like the final picture you used, because it is a teen resisting being told what to say, and how to talk... But an adult seeing that picture will just see a "stormy,' 'at-risk' or 'social problem' teenager!

  3. Awesome post :) The movie thirteen is great, I completely forgot about it, I think it exaggerates teen stereotypes and is a good example!

  4. Hi Brooke, I like your post about teens talking back. I think the examples you use are very fitting, as are the pictures. Great job!

  5. the examples you used are PERFECT. i think my favorite photo is the last one. isnt this how ALL teens feel? or is that being stereotypical? -- any who, the thing you said that i agree with most is that teens escape in the music. this is soemthing i agree with not only because its what i do personaly, but i know many of my friends and other teens that listen to music constantly, just feel free, or escape from the actualities of life. you can see it all over campus walking around.. everyone has headphones in!