Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I am writing this blog after our discussion in class and i know that seems like a form of cheating. I read the text and we discuessed it in class so I know it inside and out. In class we spoke about how these white males were bullied at school and made to feel less than. This being a big reason as to why the school shootings occured. The groups I was in offered great discussion and insight to this reading and allowed me to open up my mind a bit. That being said I still however feel strongly toward mental illness being the straw that broke the camels back. This idea of a tough guise has been around for sometime. Men feeling the need to insert their dominance when ever it was being threatened. The Spartans thrived on the idea of man being almost invinsible.  Being good at sports and having big muscles seems to be essential to men. Without such characteristics how are they going to be the person to fuck the most girls at the club. (excuse the cuss). This is no doubt a big issue in our world today, men should be able to embrace their sensative side without being laughed at for it. Most men get teased by their friends for a quality they lack concerning their manhood. I see it all the time, these men later get mad and feel sorry for themselves for a while. Girls also participate in this by "not sleeping with them" or
"turning them down". For some reason the amount of notches on a bed post matters. These kids however have not taken to such extremes as school shootings. While I know this is not way to teach people and should be subject to closer anaylizes, I feel that mental illness was what broke these kids down. The build up was no doubt the bullying of these men and how it chipped away slowly at their self esteem. But kids like this exsist every where and do not end up shooting people as a result. Please understand that I am not saying this is an issue that should not be dealt with, I am merely arguing with the author.

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  1. i really do believe that mental illness has a lot to do with these unfortunate events. i do like that you brought up this specific topic.. i do not think Kimmel went through mental illness as much as he should have. do you also think that the aspect of nature vs. nurture has a lot to do with school shootings?
    i like how you also brought up masculinity .. this plays a very high role in all of this insanity also.