Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hip Hop Wars
After reading this article it made me think about that song by Ice T, about the cops in Cali. How that song caused such an uproar and how influential it was. That would be considered old Hip Hop, people rapping about the times and how it makes them feel. I do not know much about Hip Hop but I think for the most part we could agree that music is dead. The new wave of pop has killed what true music embodies. Baring ones soul to the world through song and standing up to the man in each verse. Now a days we just hear about the clud or how Taylor Swift got her heartbroken for the 100th time. I liked the line in her Q&A "You would have to turn off all commercial black radio. You'd have to shut down all of your children's and your own investment in MTV, BET, VH1. You would basically have to unplug from society as a whole." Society as we spoke about in class is going to constantly push against us as we try to flow up stream. But sometimes in order to resist the urge to go crazy and becomes a shut in, I think we all give in just a bit. We listen to that song that we know isnt respectful or indulge in that show that isnt very good. This keeps us sane as we resist the flow of the water. "They know you're not going to do it because that means rejecting the entire system, not just a given artist". We are not all going to detach from society to prove a point. But discussing the issues surronding societys flaws is a start to changing them.

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